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Skills develop further during the course of the game and when main character Jonathan drinks blood, he'll receive XP from his victims. Mentioned XP then can be invested into more advanced skills. Jonathan can mesmerise NPCs, but some are more prone to this than others, so it is useful to watch their mesmerising levels. He also has the ability to heal himself in using Autophagy.
Autophagy - "You drain your own blood to heal normal and aggravated damage instantly." Costs 10.0
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Active Skills[edit | edit source]

Defensive[edit | edit source]

Aggressive[edit | edit source]

Tactical[edit | edit source]

Ultimate[edit | edit source]

Passive Skills[edit | edit source]

Body[edit | edit source]

Blood[edit | edit source]

Bite[edit | edit source]

  • Hard Biting - Increase the Damage inflicted when using Bite in combat.

Science[edit | edit source]