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Geoffrey McCullum

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"Geoffrey McCullum"
Vampire Hunter

Geoffrey McCullum is the current leader of the Guard of Priwen and one of the main antagonists in Vampyr. Driven by the hatred towards vampires, McCullum and the rest of the Guard of Priwen are sworn to eradicate the immortals that occupy the city of London and most of England. Strongly believes the epidemic was intentionally created and suspects the protagonist, Jonathan Reid, to be involved.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Geoffrey was expose to vampires at a young age after witnessing a vampire, who was once his father, attack his mother by tearing out her throat. After his father was killed by the once leader of the Guard of Priwen, Carl Eldritch, McCullum was raised and trained to kill vampires; including his own bother, Ian.

Personal Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Seen as a fanatic by some, the hunter has a gruff personality and hostile towards vampires, including those associated with them.
  • Frequently refers vampires as leeches.
  • Possesses a relic of blood believed to be that of King Arthur, claiming it to have powers to aid in killing powerful vampires like Dr. Reid.
  • Favors a double-edge sword and an arm mounted crossbow for combat.

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