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Skill Bloodspear img.png

Bloodspear is one of Jonathan E. Reid's aggressive skills.

Cost: 25.0
Recovery: 3.0
Range: Close, Medium Ranged

You throw a spear made of blood, which can pass through enemies in front of you.

Skill description[edit | edit source]

The Vampire wields their blood and throws it like a spear. This power can take time to charge, but is deadly effective at medium to long range. It's a powerful supernatural tool for Vampires who don't like close combat.

"If you cannot avoid the blood-sucker's attack, just try to keep your mouth closed..."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Jonathan Reid using the Bloodspear Skill; showcasing its Piercing trait against multiple foes.
Range: Mid to Long
Attack Speed: Medium
Effect: Pierces through all hostiles along the Bloodspear's firing line. Inflicts Heavy Damage.


+Blood Meter
+Blood on Bite

Offhand Synergies:

Knives/Daggers (Drain Blood Quickly)
Stakes (Stun Quickly to Drain Blood)
Firearms (Alternative Ranged Attack)

Bloodspear is a ranged, Blood Type ability from the Aggressive skill-cluster. Using it causes Jonathan to cast a powerful blood-projectile that bursts forth from his palm and pierces all enemies in its linear area of effect. Using it against grouped up enemies, or lining up a shot in such a way to strike multiple is the best way to make use of its value. Opening fights with it from stealth can be a powerful way to gain an immediate advantage if multiple enemies are struck at once. This attack is helpful for maintaining distance from enemies, and it shouldn't be used too close to Jonathan's foes due to its medium-long cast-time.

Useful Skills to acquire in combination with Bloodspear are increases to Jonathan's Blood Point Meter, to make casting the ability more effortless, as well as extra Blood on Bite, to refill on Blood more easily and have a comfortable way to refill Bloodspear's ammunition. The Coagulation ability is another consideration, as stunning an enemy in place allows Jonathan to get a guaranteed hit on them no matter what, or to focus his attention on others. Coagulation also has no Blood Cost, allowing free use of it to set up Bloodspear tactics.

The different secondary-weapons interact with Bloodspear in various ways. Knives and Daggers allow fast refills of Blood when striking enemies with them, letting Bloodspear be used more liberally. A large Blood Meter is worth having if Knives are Jonathan's primary means of blood-generation. Stakes can be used to Stun enemies, and set them up for Bites. It's helpful to be invested in Big Thirst if Biting is Jonathan's main blood-source. Lastly, Firearms are a non-conventional pairing with Bloodspear but can be useful to deplete Stun Gauge for a dash-up-Bite from a distance, or to keep enemies at bay as an additional source of damage alongside the Bloodspear.

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